Medical Malpractice/Pharmaceutical Law

Walters Richardson defends hospitals and physicians who are under allegations of medical or pharmaceutical malpractice. Whether defendants facing such allegations are accused of surgical errors, medication errors, or negligence regarding diagnosis, among many other grievances, our attorneys take a close look at all medical records associated with a case in order to resolve any of these disputes, leaving no solution untouched. If litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys possess the capability to harness the information they have gained through close examination to result in a defense strategy for the hospital or physician afflicted.

Walters Richardson has experience in malpractice cases that span a range of medical expertise, from optometry and pharmacology to dentistry and neurology. Our attorneys understand the variety of claims that medical malpractice can encompass, including surgical negligence, misdiagnosis, prescription misfills, and drug interactions. Walters Richardson also has extensive experience with allegations of traumatic brain injury. In such cases, plaintiffs’ experts often rely on test results that require subjective interpretation, and we have successfully defended these cases by pointing out to juries the flaws in this type of subjective expert proof. 

Our attorneys understand the complexity of the injuries in medical malpractice claims and the need for painstaking attention to detail. We also realize that medical licensure, reputation and even livelihood may be affected by a claim of professional negligence. Walters Richardson has the experience, the tenacity and the resources through its various expert witnesses to vigorously pursue claims that involve physicians, nurses, pharmacists, nursing homes and other medical professionals.